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Custom Manufacturing

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This blog post will distinguish the difference between Custom Manufacturing and Mass Production. Having knowledge of the difference between the two greatly influences two things, 1. how the part will be made, 2. the cost to make the part. Simply put custom and mass production are polar opposites of each other. Here’s why:

Manufacturing Characteristics Custom Manufacturing Mass Production
Quantities Small Large
Manufacturing method Small / one person shop Assembly Lines
Manufacturing source Human Humans and/or machines
Labor costs More Less
Human error More Less
Design changes Easy Difficult
Business Model
Made to order Large inventory / JIT
Production time High Low
Quality Assurance High Low

As you can see there is a clear difference between the two types of production based upon the purpose of the production, the costs involved, the business model, and lead times. Not to mention, the actual product plays a huge purpose in the type of manufacturing used. To help put things into perspective, here are a few examples of the types of well-known metal products that would fall under these two manufacturing categories:

Custom Manufacturing Products Mass Production Products
Furniture Cars
Gates / fences / railings Computer chassis
Military projects Mailboxes
Choppers HVAC ducts
Metal signage Filing cabinets
Airplane wings Screws
Roller coasters Lockers
Architectural structures Home appliances

As you can see, the custom manufacturing parts would have more human fabrication as oppose to mass production which would rely solely on automation of machines. This greatly influences the cost and lead time for fabrication. Here at Vista Industrial Products, Inc., we specialize in all types of manufacturing; raging from custom and prototype manufacturing, to production, and even mass production manufacturing. We have the equipment and staff to cater to a variety fabrication needs. We fabricate metal products ranging from sheet metal, to machining, and to welded assemblies. If your company is looking for a quality custom manufacturer or a mass production fabricator, you have come to the right place.

Be sure to take a look at our Request For Quote page for information we need to quote manufacturing your parts.Thanks for reading along!

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