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Manufacturing in the United States dwindled once companies began going overseas for cheap manufacturing. As a result many manufacturing companies have gone out of business since United States factories could not compete with the cheap price of labor in other countries. However, there has been a huge change over the last couple years that has brought manufacturing back! Since going overseas has its many disadvantages, companies are realizing that these disadvantages are outweighing the benefits and it only makes sense to stay at home. In addition, the amount of recent defense expenditures from the government has also led to more manufacturing in the United States.

Through these rough times, VIP has seen it all! We’ve been in business since 1956 and have been a victim of lost business due to outsourcing overseas. However, we have been able to diversify our business and keep business going strong. With patience, endurance, having an innovative mindset, and talented skilled staff, VIP has been able to keep the wheels turning and the momentum moving forward. Now that there has been a shift in overseas manufacturing and many of it coming back, we couldn’t be happier!

As a result, VIP is always looking for talent. We understand that people don’t have the manufacturing skills they used to because it hasn’t been in demand. However, we understand that manufacturing skills can be taught. We are looking for people with drive who are self-starters and want to prosper and grow with the company. Below is a video of what its like to work at VIP:

If you are looking for a career change, a new company to have a long term career with, a job with benefits, a job with growth opportunities, or if you are just looking for something new to try, we encourage you to visit our Career page to see what current job openings we have.

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