VIP Press Brake Gauge

Vista Industrial Products, Inc. is known for their quality metal fabrication of company’s parts. What many people don’t know is that VIP also has a product of its own, the VIP Gauge. For the past nine years, VIP has been manufacturing the VIP Press Brake Gauge and Dove Tails for other metal fabrication shops.

The VIP Gauge is a rugged press brake backstop gauge finger with micrometer adjustment. Many sheet metal fabricators benefit using the VIP Gauge because it decreases set-up times and increase accuracy. By adding multiple VIP Gauge fingers for multiple step operations on one machine!

Here is a list of several benefits of using the VIP Press Brake Gauge:

  • Using a 4-foot up-acting press brake with 8 VIP Gauge fingers, these parts are produced complete in one handling. Fewer handlings mean better time and motion efficiencies.
  • Parts can be inspected and the next operation can begin immediately without waiting for all 1000 parts to run through a partial-bend sequence.
  • Precision adjustments can be made quickly with the micrometer wheel. No need for metal or masking tape shims.
  • A custom nest can be screwed to each finger for gauging from difficult edges such as needed for steps 6 and 7 in the example. This can’t be done on 6 or 8 axis machines because the fingers are shared for all bends.
  • A good operator can bend most multiple bend parts faster using VIP Gauges on a 2 axis machine than on an expensive 6 or 8 axis machine because s/he won’t have to wait for the fingers to position after each bend.
  • You can gain the advantages of an expensive 6 or 8 axis brake for the price of tooling, rather than the price of new equipment. Continue to use your existing 2 axis machines that are already paid for. Avoid the cost of retraining operators to use a new, more complicated controller.

To see the VIP Gauge in action, take a look at the video below:

If you are interested in adding this great manufacturing tool to your metal fabrication shop, please visit VIP Gauge to learn more and to place an online order.

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