Deviations and Exceptions

At Vista Industrial Products, we always fabricate to print. If a part cannot be fabricated to print, we note deviations during the quote process and list them as exceptions and or conditions on the quote letter. This means we can fabricate to print with some approval of these exceptions; otherwise, we will no bid. These exceptions are also known as deviations after approval. We review prints thoroughly by confirming all materials are available. This includes material types, hardware and finishes to keep things simple. This is basic information has to be defined to allow for any company to quote.

A common mistake is calling out the correct material type. For a Formed Aluminum Sheet Metal Part, an example of this mistake is calling 6061-T6 as the material type. This material will always crack and some engineers do not know this. We would by default deviate from this material and provide the following exception.

“Quoting this part using Al 5052-H32.”

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Purchasing 101

Are you new to purchasing in the Manufacturing Industry? Welcome to a brief snippet of what this job is about. From a metal manufacturing view point, everything comes down to Part Numbers and Purchase Orders aka POs. Here at VIP we treat Part Numbers and Prints as one in the same. We like to keep things simple because we always fabricate to print. Fabricating to print is difficult in itself, because there are many engineers that can design parts but can it be built is the question. This is a whole new topic. So staying on topic, you can read more about what a manufacturing print is about by clicking here.

A part number is a print and can also be referred to as a drawing.

Drawing = Print = Part Number

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