Benefits of Using an ISO 9001 Manufacturer

Manufacturing is an investment for a business. Whether its manufacturing products, in-house tooling, machinery, or even software, choosing an ISO certified company ensures quality is paramount for your investment. You may be asking yourself, well just because a company has a fancy certification, how does that make my product better than going to another company who isn’t certified? Great question!

Before we get into how an ISO certified manufacturer is better than a company that isn’t certified, let’s first discuss what ISO certification really is and how it applies to manufacturing. Simply put, having an ISO certification means the manufacturer is certified to an international quality standard. It means the company has various procedures and systems in place to ensure the manufacturing processes are of high quality and prevent issues. If issues occur, ISO ensures a system to address manufacturing issues and how to resolve and prevent them from happening. Quality in manfuacturing not only indicates a well produced product that meets the required specifications, but it also ensures that your products are made the same every time. Here is a list of what ISO 9001:2008 entails for a manufacturer:

  • There is a system of repeatable processes in place to ensure documents, parts, and the fabrication process are consistent and thorough.
  • The functions within the company are highly systematic to ensure completeness and prevents mistakes.
  • There are less quality failures in parts and documentation.
  • There is a process in place to identify, resolve, and prevent any issues.
  • The ISO system ensures the company is forever looking for improvement and ways to operate more efficiently to help lower costs for the end customer.

Based upon these highlights, companies who are ISO certified put the customer first to make sure everything they do will benefit their customer. Not only in the quality of the parts, but how issues are handled, and provides better customer service. Here is a list of benefits for the customer when doing business with an ISO certified manufacturer:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced rework and rejections
  • Consistent quality and on-time delivery
  • Better management control of internal communication, document control, and processes
  • More cost reduction

What’s great about working with an ISO certified company is that you have access to their processes to see if it meets your expectations of what you want from a fabricator. If there happens to be issues with the quality of your parts, you can be rest assured that an ISO certified company will strive to resolve and prevent those issues and have feedback loops in place to let you know how they plan to resolve the issues.

Simply put, working with an ISO certified company is like having added protection or insurance that your parts will be made with the best quality and customer service, and if there are any problems with either of those, the company will resolve and prevent any future problems from happening. So when it comes to choosing a manufacturer, investing in a company who is certified is the best bang for you buck and you are getting more than just a good product, you getting the whole package.

Here’s another way of looking at it, it’s like hiring someone with a college degree as oppose to someone without one for a very important job. Although the person without a degree may be experienced and is capable of doing the job, the person with the degree is formally educated, has experience, and will be able to give you more bang for your buck and investment. Again, you’re getting the whole package.

Here at Vista Industrial Products, Inc., we have been ISO certified since 2004 and have seen a huge increase in satisfaction from our customers. Not to mention, many companies wouldn’t even do business with us unless we were ISO certified. The metal fabrication industry has seen a huge increase over the past decade in the number of fabricators getting their certification. As a result, more customers are making it a requirement to have the certification. But what sets us apart from the other metal fabricators is that we have the knowledge, resources, and space in addition to our certification. We have been in business since 1956, so our experience in the industry is top notch. Not to mention, we have a custom 153,000 square foot facility with a huge range of equipment to do virtually any job at any production size. Since we have been in business for so long, we have invested in the most talented staff to produce quality parts.

If you are looking for an ISO certified metal manufacturer with experience, skilled talent, a wide range of equipment, and a huge manufacturing space, Vista Industrial Products, Inc. is the ideal company for you to look into. Visit our website to get the full picture of what we’re all about and what we’re capable of . We are always looking for companies to partner and grow with, so contact us today!

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