Why Kanban…

By: Adele Samudio

September 14, 2020

To produce only what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount needed.” Taiichi Ohno

Kanban is known to be an effective methodology to Just-In-Time Production (JIT) and is practiced by many manufacturers worldwide. It is a pull system tool that works to reduce costs, to reduce inventory, and to improve efficiency on the production floor.

Since the inception of this method more and more companies are saving money by producing product for live orders and not anticipated orders; creating a lean-manufacturing practice. As everything, there are advantages and disadvantages of this methodology as briefly listed below.

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How to Properly Annotate Part Marking on a Drawing

Types of Part Marking

There are many types of part marking available depending of the functionality, durability, and longevity of the marking. Here are some types of part marking that are most commonly used:

  • Ink Stamping: Often used for simple markings of letters and numbers using one or two colors like part numbers, manufacturing date, cage codes, serial numbers, etc.
  • Silkscreen: Often used for with an artwork file that can be used with multiple colors for fonts, images, words, and designs link logos, aesthetic design, functionality identification, warning identification, etc.
  • Laser cutting: Often used for a permanent marking and contemporary design like logos, and esthetic design.
  • Emboss: Often used for a more permanent marking with an aesthetic appeal like logo design and part numbers.
  • Laser etch: Often used for more durability for a marking that is to be more permanent, but also has a different type of aesthetics since it’s etched in the metal.

Part marking can be used for part identification, logos, aesthetic design, functionality identification, warning identification, and more. No matter the reason for the part marking, it is crucial to have the part marking information properly annotated on the drawings. Continue reading

San Diego Business Journal’s Manufacturing Awards 2015

We are proud to announce that Vista Industrial Products, Inc. was a finalist in the “Large Company” Category for the San Diego Business Journal’s Manufacturing Awards 2015! This is an honorary award given that we were a finalist out of all sorts of manufacturers within the San Diego area and even Mexico! Some of the manufacturers include those within our metal fabrication industry, and others like the medical, pharmaceutical, beer brewing, and many more! The award was based upon “Celebrating Regional Excellence”…sounds so fancy!

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Metal Finish vs. Surface Finish

SheetMetalImage1Have you ever had metal parts fabricated and you indicated no finish, and when you received the parts, the surface finish was not what you expected? Maybe you were hoping for a mill finish, but the parts were sanded to a uniform finish? Or maybe you expected a smooth mill finish, but there were scratches and gouges from the fabrication process? In the metal fabrication industry, there can be confusion and a misunderstanding when it comes to metal finishing and surface finish, which are not the same thing. They are actually completely different from each other and one does not indicate the other. To help clarify the distinction between the two, we will identify the differences between the two from a manufacturer’s point of view. Continue reading