Stitch Welding vs. Seam Welding

Many engineers and welders find themselves confused with the difference between stitch welding and seam welding since they are often used interchangeably, but there is a definite difference between the two types of welds. In the welding fabrication world, it is important to distinguish the two because both welds are have different strength properties and are used for different purposes. Below are photos of each type of weld and a description describing the two. Continue reading

Quality Control vs. Quality Assurance

One thing that all manufacturing industries have is quality. Whether its a quality system, quality standards, quality department, whether the company is small or large or in industry requires precision or not, there’s always some type of quality involved. Now here’s where people get things confused. Often you hear people talk about ‘QA’ when they really mean ‘QC’ and visa versa. Although both are an integral part of a quality system, there is a distinct difference between quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA). It is also important to note that a successful quality system utilizes both quality assurance and quality control. So let’s get into the differences: Continue reading

Remanufacturing: A New Type of Manufacturing

remanufacturingWhat do you mean a new type of manufacturing? Manufacturing is creating a product out of raw material, labor, machines, and tools. How can there be a new type? In recent years with the ongoing mindset to conserve resources and prevent waste, many companies are exploring the business of REmanufacturing; meaning taking a product that is no longer in use, at the end of its product life, or salvaged material in order to create a new or refurbished product. Continue reading

Sheet Metal Punching vs. Stamping

Those who are not familiar with the sheet metal world can often confuse the difference between sheet metal punching and sheet metal stamping. It sounds like one in the same since the two verbs sort of mean the same thing…right? This blog post will distinguish the difference between the two. A good reason to distinguish the difference is because the manufacturers of punching and stamping are almost always different. You wouldn’t go to a sheet metal fabricator who specializes in punching and ask for stamping, and vice versa. This is due to the different equipment involved in achieving punching versus stamping.

To give you a quick glance at the difference between the two, take a look at the different characteristics below: Continue reading

Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication

Vista Industrial Products, Inc. is known for its quality manufacturing. To sustain our quality within every aspect of our manufacturing, we implement an ISO quality system. This system has allowed us to maintain a system internally and externally that produces high quality parts. In addition to our quality system, we also have a  variety of inspection equipment to verify our quality made parts. To get an inside look at our quality control and inspection, watch the video below: Continue reading