Tube Laser Cutting

Amada F0M2RI 3015

             Amada F0M2RI 3015

We have recently invested in a laser cutting system with rotary index, which allows us to laser cut all types of metal tubing of various sizes and shapes. Due to our ongoing demands of our customers who were looking for a more efficient and economical way to cut and add special features to tubing, we bought an Amada F0M2RI 3015 laser. Here are some specifications of our new laser and all the neat tricks it can do: Continue reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation in Manufacturing

In the past 20 years, technology has changed the nature of manufacturing. In the old days, manufacturing and fabrication were all done by hand by people. Now that computers and technology have penetrated the industry, automation has become the competitive advantage in today’s manufacturing world. Automation has allowed for companies to mass produce products at outstanding speeds and with great repeatability and quality. Automation has become a determining factor in whether or not a company will remain competitive within the manufacturing industry. Although automation is constantly setting the standards for the industry and has many advantages, there are also some negative aspects about automation. Continue reading

3D Printing Manufacturing

The new manufacturing industry revolution is 3D printing. This revolutionary technology is taking on manufacturing by storm due to its ease of use, accessibility, and low lost. Many people have an idea of what 3D printing is, but might not know how it works or how a printer can make products.  The easiest way to visualize how a 3D printer works is to image an inkjet printer that uses material instead of ink. So each time the ink cartridges run past a sheet of paper to distribute ink, rather than ink, it would be like a glue from a hot glue gun running past the sheet of paper to distribute glue. The 3D printer goes over the same spot multiple times to distribute material to its desired height and shape.

This technology, which is also known as additive manufacturing, is capable of creating things from apparel, to toys, to medical devices, to prototype manufacturing. The possibilities are really endless. So the question comes to mind, will 3D printing replace normal manufacturing? There are many factors that go into answering this question like the quantity to be manufactured, the material being used, and its functionality. Continue reading

What is CNC Machining?

CNC Machined Part

We know what machined parts look like (example shown above). But what is CNC machining anyway? For starters, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which indicates that the machine operates on numerical coding from a program in order to machine a part. As oppose to a non-CNC machine, which operates by mechanically using hand wheels and levers. By using  program commands from a computer file, the machine is able to operate automatically using various tools to machine metal and plastic. Below is a video of our Machine Shop. Continue reading

High Speed Laser

There are many benefits to using lasers for metal fabrication. Some may think that if a shop has turret punch and press brake machines, that there is no need to have other types of technology to fabricate efficiently and save money. So we figured we would write today’s blog about the various benefits of using a manufacturer that has a high speed laser.

Here at VIP, we run into many fabrication projects where they either require custom tooling or low quantities. This is where a high speed laser comes in handy! Before we get into all the benefits of laser cutting, take a look at the video below: Continue reading