How To Speed Up An RFQ

In Manufacturing time is crucial when sending in a Request for Quote, therefore; you should always submit your request with the proper documentation to speed up the process.

First, you must understand the basic information needed to provide a quote. This information will be required by any manufacturer which is the following.

  • Full Dimensional Prints
    • Material Type
    • Material Thickness
  • Finish call out such as paint or powder.
  • Quantity

With one of these details missing, it is technically impossible to provide a quote. More information about RFQs can be found here.

Now since you understand the basic information needed for an RFQ. The following items are critical details to provide an accurate quote in a timely manner.

  • CAD Files or 3D Models – Here is a link to VIP’s CAD File Requirements.
  • Assembly Print
    • Bill of Materials – Part Numbers, Manufacturer & Quantity Per
      Note: Sometimes a parts list is used instead of a BOM.
      • Hardware Items – Location for Install
      • Sub-detail Parts
    • Weld Locations and Type
    • Special Assembly Instructions to follow such as company or MIL Spec – these documents should be provided at the same time.
  • Silk Screen Artwork and Location Information
  • Part Marking and Location – Type of marking needs to be defined and usually an ink stamp.
  • Requirements
    • AS9102 First Article Requirements
    • Certificate of Conformance
    • ITAR Parts
    • RoHS
    • REACH
  • Notes
    • Leak Test
    • Fit Check
    • Torque Requirements
  • Specifications
    • Cosmetic Requirements
    • Packaging
    • Company Specification or MIL Spec Documents

Here at VIP we love details. The more details provided the better we feel about establishing a partnership. If you are open to suggestions, we would like to know this as well, so we can provide Value-Added Engineering for cost effective manufacturability. We understand this is dependent on the Product’s Life Cycle, Industry and Engineers. Overall, majority of this information is normally called out on a print, so do make sure your package is complete prior to submitting.

If you would like to request a quote from Vista Industrial Products, do send your request to

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