Introduction to Vista Industrial Products – The Video –

Although you have probably read a few of our blog posts and have gained some overall knowledge about the precision metal fabrication industry, we have put a video together that gives you an overall glimpse of who we are and what we do! Since we specialize in precision sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and welding fabrication, many of our customers aren’t able to see inside of our shop and see what we really do behind close doors. Here is an introduction video about our 56 year old company! We will have numerous other videos to share with you that will go more in depth about our metal fabrication capabilities, but for now here is a quick introduction video:

Many companies knows us as the best kept secret in Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Precision CNC Machining, Welding Fabrication located in Southern California: Vista Industrial Products, Inc. Our capabilities also extend to Metal Finishing, MFG Engineering, and more.

Established in 1956, we are a 3rd generation family owned firm with many years of experience in Electronics, Communications, Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Retail, and Commercial sectors. Our custom and state-of-the-art 153,000 square foot facility allows us to provide you with High Quality Products while meeting your demands of either prototype, production, or even mass production runs!

Our large range of equipment, machines, and our millennium’s worth of metal fabrication knowledge under one roof ensures that you have come to the right place for your Precision Metal Fabrication needs! Stay tuned for more informative videos about VIP’s metal fabrication!

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