Is Metal Fabrication Art?

The surprising answer is Yes! Many people do not realize how much metal fabrication is an art. Sure metal fabricators have to learn many skills in order to operate machines correctly. So does someone learning how to play an instrument or any other type of artistic skill. Someone can learn how to play an instrument and have the proper instruction and tools to do so, but that doesn’t mean the person will play well. The same goes for metal fabrication! Experience and imagination play a huge part in how to properly fabricate metal. Whether if the metal fabrication is for aesthetics or function, forming, machining, or welding metal takes a lot of creativity in order to get the desired outcome.

Unless you have personally dealt with fabricating metal, many people don’t realize the many tricky characteristics metals possess. For instance, when forming a piece of sheet metal, it’s not as simple as folding a piece of paper into shape. Metal has a thickness to it and when it is formed, the metal has to be manipulated in such a way to allow for expanding, shifting, or even deforming metal. Not only that, but if the sheet metal contains punched holes, then formed after, the way the metal is formed can alter the size and shape of the holes.

Although people can learn how punch, form, machine, or weld metal to create a product, it takes years of experience in order to learn the art of metal fabrication. Here at Vista Industrial Products, we have over a millennium’s worth of metal fabrication experience at our 153,000 square foot facility. We have the tools and the experience of metal fabrication art to create tight and loose tolerance parts for companies. Many companies come to us when no one else can fabricate their parts due to the difficulty and complexity of their parts. Visit our website for more information and stay tuned for next week’s blog post about our award for environmental compliance. If you are interested in submitting a quote, please refer to our Request for Quote page.

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