Math and Metal Manufacturing

Math is one of the most important requirements of working in Metal Manufacturing. If you are looking for a career in this industry below are typical types of math needed for trade jobs within the industry.

The two trades below may not require a college degree but they do require excellent math skills.

Machinists– basic math skills is a requirement as well as the ability to convert fractions to decimals and vice a versa. Tolerances are defined as decimals and dimensions are sometimes expressed as fractions which then have to be converted to decimals. If you are good at decimals and fractions then perhaps becoming a Machinist is something to consider.

Some common basic test questions a Machinist may be asked to complete in proving their math skills:

  1. Which number is the largest number?     a.) 1.0310   b) 1.0031 c.) 1.310
  2. Add: 3 ½ + 2 ⅛ + 5 ⅜ = ______
  3. Express the value .5 as a fraction _____

Welders-have the same requirements as Machinists but also require the ability to calculate Geometric and possibly Algebraic calculations.

Along with the above common basic math test questions there will definitely be a practicum test in which you may have to perform some calculations prior to performing the hands-on test.

If you have the math skills needed to become a Machinist or a Welder VIP is interested in meeting with you and discussing a possible opportunity. Contact VIP today at or call 760-599-5050 to schedule an interview.

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