Metal Finishing

The metal fabrication industry has become more diverse with more manufacturers taking on more services to increase their capabilities and add more opportunities to their workflow. For instance many years ago, metal fabricators would either only do sheet metal fabrication, only machining, only welding, or only metal finishing. Now that the industry is more competitive, companies are taking on all different capabilities in order to remain competitive in the industry. Vista Industrial Products, Inc. has taken part in this metal fabrication trend. As the company has grown and partnered with multiple companies in different industries, we have diversified our services in order to create a one-top-shop for metal fabrication. As a result, we provide metal fabrication and metal finishing under one roof!

Many of our customers have benefit from our in-house paint shop. This saves time, money, and the number of people to deal with when getting parts manufactured. Now, companies will come to VIP to fabricate parts, finish, and assemble parts. We have truly become a one-stop-shop!

Our in-house paint shop has two wet paint booths, two powder coat booths, a chemical film tank, and two ovens! VIP has the ability to have more control over the finish and no have to deal with lead times of other vendors and shipping! How convenient!

Below is a video that gives you an inside look of our in-house paint shop:

If you have parts that require metal fabrication, finish, and assembly, you have come to the right place. Please contact us today for a quote!



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