Types of Joining and Assembly in Metal Manufacturing

There are many important aspects of manufacturing that need to be considered in order for it to be profitable for the company. As we have discussed in previous blog posts about the importance of good Manufacturing Drawings and Product Engineering and Design, another important aspect is how the parts get assembled together. This might not seem like a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but think about it… If a product is poorly assembled, it jeopardizes the quality, functionality, and longevity of the product. Continue reading

How To Join Metal Without Welding

In manufacturing, there are several ways to achieve a desired outcome of fabricating a part depending on the resources and material available. For today’s post, we will discuss how to join metal without welding. Welding alone is an art, especially if quality welding is needed. It takes experience and expertise to achieve a good quality weld. Not only is a skilled welder needed, but also the welding supplies. Not everyone has all these resources, so knowing how to join metal without welding can come in handy. It’s valuable to know other ways of achieving the same outcome since other ways may be less time consuming and also cost less. Continue reading

Turnkey Fabrication

Vista Industrial Products, Inc. has several manufacturing capabilities in-house in order to cater to the many demanding fabrication requirements out there. Many of VIP’s customers benefit from going to VIP because it is a one-stop shop for all their fabrication needs. We are known to our customers as the ultimate turnkey manufacturing company in Southern California. Besides the main services VIP provides, sheet metal fabrication, cnc machining, and welding fabrication, we also offer metal finishing, mechanical engineering, and mechanical assembly. For today’s blog, we will focus more on the mechanical assembly as this is a service that almost all of our customers require of VIP.

In-house, we have 12 hydraulic hardware presses that allows us to insert all types of hardware with precision and accuracy. We also have a speed rivet that allows us to rivet parts at a consistent speed with accuracy. To learn more about the different assembly equipment we have, please visit our Equipment List. Continue reading