5 Steps: How to Manufacture a Product

Being a manufacture of thousands of products, we have come across customers who have been in business just as long as we have and  the process of manufacturing products comes second nature. Then there is the customer who has all their ducks in a row, and it’s their first time actually creating their first prototype. But, then there’s the customer who has just come up with this great idea, and comes in with his idea written on a napkin. We’ve seen it all…literally. So we thought we would put this blog post together that will be a road map for those who either need some guidance into manufacturing their parts, who need assistance in where to start before getting parts manufactured, and a hand for those who are looking to bring their product back to the US and need some refreshers of working with US manufacturers. Continue reading

Prototype vs. Production vs. Mass Production

In the fabrication industry, specifically metal fabrication, parts or products are generally in one of three phases: prototype, production, and mass production. All three are treated completely different when manufacturing.  This article will go into more detail of how the three stages differ from one another. Continue reading