Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal forming or bending is an art of its own. Many people do not realize how difficult it can be to form sheet metal. Since sheet metal has a thickness to it, it does not bend like a piece of paper. The thickness of the material causes the metal to shift and distort when formed. Especially if a sheet metal part has bends near a hole or an edge, it can be get difficult to achieve the right kind of bend without stretching the hole or bending a part straight near an edge. Therefore, a press brake operator needs to be creative in order to achieve the desired outcome. Continue reading

Automated Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, efficiency and time is extremely critical in order to be successful. Technology has turned the manufacturing world into a highly competitive industry. Here at VIP, we have taken advantage of the technology that’s out in the market in order to be more efficient and save time and money for our customers, which makes our manufacturing very competitive.

Vista Industrial Products has invested in numerous automation machines with various functions in order to diversify our capabilities. We have automated fabrication machines which include: