RoHS vs. REACH Compliance Explained

The manufacturing industry is forever changing with regulations and rules. One that we are seeing more often is RoHS and REACH Compliance. These can easily be mistaken as the same or very similar. So this post will distinguish the difference between the two.

RoHS Compliantrohs

RoHS is the acronym for Restriction oHazardous Substances and can be pronounced like “rose.”

This is a European Union directive rather than a regulation, that today is enforced by the NMO (National Measurements Office). Non-compliance can have varying The sole purpose is to address the global issue of consumer electronics waste. With the forever evolving technology world, many electronics are disposed and end up in landfills which end up causing environmental and human health hazards. This directive pertains to manufacturing of various types of electronic and electrical equipment without the use of six different hazardous materials: Continue reading