Sheet Metal Punching vs. Stamping

Those who are not familiar with the sheet metal world can often confuse the difference between sheet metal punching and sheet metal stamping. It sounds like one in the same since the two verbs sort of mean the same thing…right? This blog post will distinguish the difference between the two. A good reason to distinguish the difference is because the manufacturers of punching and stamping are almost always different. You wouldn’t go to a sheet metal fabricator who specializes in punching and ask for stamping, and vice versa. This is due to the different equipment involved in achieving punching versus stamping.

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Sheet Metal Punching

Sheet metal can be used in a variety of ways whether its a sheet, formed, or has shapes cut out of it. For this blog post, we will discuss sheet metal punching. Sheet metal can have virtually any shape cut into it using a die tool and a turret punch machine. A turret punch machine has a “stamping” effect where a die tool comes down and hits the sheet metal, knocking out the shape within the metal. The portion of the metal that is punched out is called a “slug.” Not only can shapes be punched out of sheet metal, but different types of bent shapes can also be accomplished. For example, a turret punch can be used to create bridge lances, embosses (dimples), half shears, and countersinks.

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