Vertical CNC Machining

Here at Vista Industrial Products, Inc., we have expanded our machine shop to meet the needs of our customers. We have a large variety of different machines with different functionality. For today’s blog, we will discuss our vertical machining centers. At VIP, we have more vertical machining centers than horizontal and turning / lathe machining centers. Most of our vertical machining centers are computer numerical controlled for better precision and efficiency. We have a total of 10 vertical machining centers including one that is large capacity for large machined parts. Nine of our machines are 3-axis, while one of our machines is a 4-axis.

So what sets the vertical cnc machines apart from horizontal machines and CNC turning / lathe machines? Vertical machining centers posses tooling that is positioned straight down. This allows for the tool to machine a part across its surface. Whereas the horizontal machine has tooling that is positioned horizontally to machine the sides of parts. The turning or lathe machines hold the tooling fixed while the part turns against the tooling.

Below is a video of our machine shop and shows all the different machines we have in-house.

Please visit our equipment list to get a full look at our different machines in our machine shop. If you are looking for a quality machine shop who has capacity for production runs, please contact us today for a quote!

Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s blog post!

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