VIP Awarded “Perfect Environmental Compliance”

Vista Industrial Products has been awarded for demonstrating 100% environmental compliance by Encina Wastewater Authority‘s Pretreatment Program for the calendar year of 2011. VIP was awarded because they had no violations of their permit, all VIP’s discharges were clean, all paperwork was correct, they were not late on any reports, they had a perfect annual inspection, and remained compliant with all industrial wastewater regulations! Besides VIP, only 14 other companies received the award of all the companies in North County San Diego. VIP was even personally congratulated by the City of Vista‘s Mayor, Judy Ritter, for setting such an excellent standard.

VIP continues its efforts to sustain perfect environmental compliance by limiting hazardous waste into our environment! Please visit our website to learn more about VIP’s services and accomplishments. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post about the importance of prototyping in the metal manufacturing industry.

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