Welding Shortage in Manufacturing

05/18/2020 by Adele Samudio

Throughout the last decade, Manufacturing has slowly gained its course back to the US, but in order to continue to stay here, US Manufacturing has to stay current with the Thought Process on how to overcome manufacturing labor shortages. Today, Welding is one of the hardest hit labor shortages.

Technical Skill Labor Shortage: As the Baby Boomers and Gen X skilled Welders are coming upon their last years, within the Manufacturing world, we find ourselves with a limited amount of successors in the field, which was predicted years ago. Today, we are seeing this issue come up more and more.

Welding is considered a skill, an art, and has been underrated as a high paying technical skill. The lack of interest in the field is partially due to the shortage of informational resources available about the field of Welding.

Resolutions to shortage:

  1. Robots-are considered the “New-Collar Workers” and being trained to perform welding functions to offset the shortage of Welders in the US. Will this be the new norm? Robots for welding has become an affordable method compared to years ago when only a select few had the opportunity to invest in the method.
  2. Recruitment-starts in high school as Talent Managers, Technical School Recruitment Reps visit the local schools to share and communicate the compensation rewards associated with becoming Welders. Talent Managers have the opportunity to recruit for Apprenticeships to those who are taking a Technical Class in Welding. Technical School Recruitment Reps have the opportunity to attract students to the field of Welding and provide them with the technical knowledge and hands on-training.

Both methods will provide resolve to the shortage as Welders are in high demand and will continue to be.

If you are interested in the field of Welding come see us at VIP! We are always looking for skilled Welders as well as those interested in Apprenticeship opportunities.

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