What is CNC Machining?

CNC Machined Part

We know what machined parts look like (example shown above). But what is CNC machining anyway? For starters, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which indicates that the machine operates on numerical coding from a program in order to machine a part. As oppose to a non-CNC machine, which operates by mechanically using hand wheels and levers. By using  program commands from a computer file, the machine is able to operate automatically using various tools to machine metal and plastic. Below is a video of our Machine Shop.

Benefits of CNC Machining

Since the creation of CNC back during the 19th century, CNC has been able to revolutionize the manufacturing world due to its many benefits:

  • Cost Savings: automation allows better use of time and resources which help to save cost on labor and resources.
  • Efficiency: rather than manually turning hand wheels to machine a part, changing out tooling, and adjusting the part, CNC machining controls these operations automatically with speed and eliminates human error, varying human efficiency, and wasted time.
  • Accuracy: with the efficiency of machining parts with automation comes accuracy. With less human involvement, there is more accuracy of fabricating parts to tolerance.

Here at VIP, we have 10 Vertical CNC Machining Centers, 1 Horizontal CNC Machining Center, and 2 CNC Turning Machines. Our 5,354 square foot in-house machine shop has everything needed to create high quality machined parts. So if you have machined parts that require quality and precision, be sure to contact us for a quote!

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  1. I like how you brought up that CNC machining takes away human error and helps saves money on labor and resources. I think it’s great to use machines to do tedious jobs like building and cutting parts. It is more cost-effective on the manufacturer and it makes people look for better jobs and educational opportunities.

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