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ITAR Certified

ITARVista Industrial Products, Inc. manufactures several items for the defense industry as a direct contractor and as a subcontractor. As a result, VIP became ITAR Registered in order to meet the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). VIP received this certification by demonstrating that they have the knowledge and understanding to fully comply with the Arms Export Control Act (AECE) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations. In order for VIP to be registered and comply with ITAR, they have to meet numerous requirements pertaining to their company's structure, documentation, corporate policy, training, and procedures.

What is the purpose of ITAR?     

The bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Defense Trade Controls, and Department of State issues the International Traffic in Arms Regulations to control the export and import of defense articles and defense services. The President of the U.S. designates the articles and services deemed to be defense articles and services.

Export Controls prohibit exports to certain countries and individuals, requiring licenses to export certain items, and requireing licenses to export technology, including software. The purpose of Export Controls are to protect national security, prevent terrorist activities, protect U.S. commercial interests and implement foreign policy. Unauthorized transfer of even low-level articles can potentially jeopordize national security.

How long has Vista Indsutrial Products, Inc. been ITAR Registered?

VIP has been ITAR regisited since May 2010.

How does this benefit my company? 

Being ITAR Registered allows VIP to fabricate metal parts for companies that are in the defense and military industries or for companies that have defense and military requirements for their own customers. This ensures that your parts are being manufactured by a company that complies with the U.S. government regulations that protect the safety of the U.S. Vista Industrial Products, Inc. has numerous policies and procedures in place to comply with ITAR and to maintain the integrity of VIP's customers and our country's safety.

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