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Mechanical Assembly

EngineeringVIP provides a variety of assembly services. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Welding
  • Spot welding
    • Ferrous
    • Aluminum
  • Riveting
    • Solid rivets
    • Pop rivets
    • Speed rivets
  • Mechanical hardware installation
    • All types of hardware


These various mechanical assembly methods provide us flexibility of ways to assemble parts based on fit, form, function, and budget. This also allows us to work with various industries that require different types of mechanical assembly for their particular industry standards. VIP acts as a one-stop shop for your manufacturing needs by manufacturing your part, providing industrial assembly, and metal finishing.

We also have considerable experience designing parts for dip brazing assembly. This unique process is done by one of our tested and approved subcontractors. A wide variety of assembly methods allow your designers to consider more options for structural benefits, cost savings, and efficient final assembly. Our engineers are available to provide advice or recommendations to benefit your project.

To keep our hardware insertion costs to a minimum, we utilize automated as well as manual insertion machines. All our insertion presses are equipped with positive stops and process counters to assure accurate and consistent hardware installation.

Below are the types of Hardware machines we have in our state-of-the-art 75,000 square foot facility.

Machine Brand and Type

Haeger Hydraulic Hardware Press with Automatic Vibratory Feeder

Quantity: 10

Haeger Hydraulic Hardware Press with Automatic Vibratory Feeder

Quantity: 2

Avdel Speed Riveter

Quantity: 4

Air Squeezers

Assorted variety

Recognizing that customers are looking for value-added suppliers that offer comprehensive service, we also provide competent and efficient mechanical, electromechanical, and industrial assembly. We can provide custom wiring harnesses and plastic molded panels or trim through our qualified and approved subcontractor sources. When assembling or adding components to your sheet metal fabrications, we offer a cost effective way to produce your subassemblies. Using VIP for contract assembly allows for better inventory management and reduced customer overhead. Our Business Development Department would be happy to discuss the benefits of using VIP for your assembly needs.

For more information on our mechanical assembly equipment, take a look at our complete equipment list.

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