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Welding Stainless Steel

When welding stainless steel, there are a couple methods to choose from. Since stainless steel is an easier metal to work with than say aluminum, stainless steel can be MIG or TIG welded using the same filler metal. Depending on the desired outcome, it is important to consider how the different types of stainless steel react to the different types of welding. For instance, 300 series stainless steel becomes brittle when it experiences high temperatures. If the termperature is too high, then it can also diminish the corrosive characteristics of the stainless steel. Therefore, when welding stainless steel it is important to have an experienced welder that can properly control the temperature and the welding processes.

TIG welding is used for precision welds on stainless steel. Although TIG welding takes experience and demands greater skill level, TIG welding stainless steel creates cleaner and more precise welds. There isn’t spatter, sparks, slag, or flux compared to other types of welding. Due to the thermal properties of stainless steel, it is critical to use an experience welder since the temperature can easily distort and discolor the metal and even lose its coorosion resistance. Many times, TIG welding stainless steel is used for the defense, aerospace, and transportation industries.

MIG welding may have more issues due to the stiffness of the metal and requires a large percentage of Argon.  If MIG welding is used for stainless steel, many times it is done using a globular spray or spray transfer.  

  • Globular Transfer is very similar to the short circuit transfer as it occurs when the wire arcs make contact with the metal, but the wire melts longer and creates a blob instead of a puddle.  The sound of globular transfer has a popping sound every few seconds.
  • Spray Transfer requires high voltage, and the transfer is a spray.  The wire sprays or mists to the metal when it arcs.  The sound of spray transfer is a hiss.

Vista Indsutrial Products, Inc. has over 56 years in welding and has several experienced AWS certified welders that can meet any welding requirements. If you are interested in a quote for welding stainless steel, please contact us today!



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