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Case Studies

Having been in business for over 50 years, we have had extensive experience in working with companies that engineer new products, but have a hard time finding a manufacturer to fabricate them. That's why many companies turn to VIP for their hard-to-fabricate parts! We will work closely with you and help to make your parts manufacturable. Below are a couple case studies of how we can successfully fabricate your parts!

Automation at Its Best

Company Industry: Mail Collection Products and Services

Product: Mail Collection

Type of Fabrication: Sheet metal, sheet metal forming, welding, metal finishing, full assembly

Problem: The forming and welding processes for this product originally involved multiple operators which caused higher labor costs and longer lead times to manufacture.

VIP’s Solution: The most prominent example of a design improvement was our approach on a product specifically used for mail collection. Our engineering staff redesigned the assembly at the subcomponent level to incorporate a cellular approach towards the forming, welding, and assembly processes. Included in their contributions were the design and manufacture of an automated roll-forming machine and an extensive method of utilizing fixtures that allowed for welding of the unit. The forming and welding processes that originally involved multiple operators are now performed by one operator. These improvements provided a significant decrease in direct labor and product cycle time. The result was a 20% decrease in the cost of the unit to our customer.

Manufacturing the Impossible

Company Industry: Retail Sunglasses

Product: Custom Eyewear

Type of Fabrication: CNC machining, metal forming, lenses cutting, metal finishing, full assembly

Problem: Several manufacturers did their best to fabricate these nearly impossible sunglasses, and all of them failed one way or another. Whether it was due to the quality, the processes…you name it, no one else could figure out how to fabricate metal sunglasses.

VIP’s Solution: We were able to help design, engineer, and manufacture metal sunglasses that have become the new craze in the retail industry. VIP stepped up for the challenge. We worked days and nights utilizing our manufacturing resources and facility to make ends meet. Not only did we conduct all the research and design, but we learned to master the art of cutting the lenses! Not only did VIP establish the processes to manufacture the sunglasses, but has also been manufacturing the sunglasses ever since and has provide full turnkey manufacturing and assembly!

Here at VIP, we are known for our quality products, but we are also known for our innovation. We are the company that will take a look at parts that no one else will look at or touch. If the parts are too difficult to engineer or make, or if it is an idea that no one believes can be done. We will put it to the test! With our experience in metal fabrication, we will find a way to make it work. This was our mentality when we took on a project that everyone else shunned.

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