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Laser Cutting

Using laser cutting technology to fabricate sheet metal parts has become revolutionary in the metal fabrication industry. Instead of having to invest time and money building customized tools for turret punching machines, the laser provides accurate and fast fabrication without the need of tools! Laser cutting is great for prototyping and small runs because the cost is significantly reduced by not having to build tools. We even have a laser / punch combination that is great saving time and money on setup for parts that require punch and laser features since it can all be done on one machine. Plus, the accuracy of laser cutting can hold .002! That means less money, less time, and high quality parts!

Amada F0M2RI 3015 Laser Cutter with Rotary Index

Tube Laser CuttingOur newest laser cutting machine is our tube cutting laser! This machine allows us to laser bowed pipe or tubing without vibration and maintaining accuracy. We are able to laser cut round, square, rectangle, C-channel, and angle iron! Whether its cutting tubing to size, cutting features into tubing, the possibilities are endless. With Spatter Free Pierce, the laser produces cleaner and high-speed piercing for thicker materials.

This new piece of equipment helps to save our customers thousands of dollars in manufacturing costs. Rather than spend more money and sawing tubing and channel to size and then putting the material on a mill to machine features, our rotary index laser can do both types of operations on one machine and with faster speed and more accuracy!

Laser Capabilities: Tube Shapes & Specifications:

Tubing Type

Tubing Size

Other Specs

Round Tubing

0.75”- 8.66”

  • Maximum tube weight: 44lbs
  • Maximum tube length: 236.2”

Square Tubing

0.75” – 6”

Rectangle Tubing

3.54” – 3.54”

Angle Tubing

6” wide

Channel Tubing

8.66” (diagonal)

FOM2 RI 3015 Laser Video

Amada LC-3015F1NT High Speed Laser

VIP invested in another machine that can benefit any of your sheet metal needs using laser cutting technology.

 Laser Cutting Machine

Here is a list of some of the benefits of our Amada F1 laser:

  • Faster piercing and cutting by using linear drives in all three axes
  • Superb cutting quality with sharp corners over the full thickness range
  • High productivity at lower running costs through our ECO cut process
  • Cut Process Monitoring improves process time and part quality by pierce detection and by monitoring cut process
  • Flexible design options: a fully accessible enclosure and choice of right- or left-hand layout
  • 5’ x 10’ work envelope
  • Cuts up to ¾” steel and up to ½” stainless and aluminum
  • Ideal for short run and quick turn
  • Ease of part nesting
  • Low setup time
  • Accuracy .002 repeatability
  • WACS allows for reduced heat distortion in thick material and intricate cutting
  • 4,000 watt laser power which allows for faster cutting on thin and thick material
  • Instead of machining thick metal, our F1 can do the same! This means less time and money!

F1 Laser Video

Laser / Punch Combo

Laser Cutting ComboVista Industrial invested in an industrial punch laser combo from Amada. This state-of-the-art machine provides the ability to use the punch capability with current tooling, but also has the capability of the laser to create unique shapes that would otherwise require custom tooling. The advantage of using this machine is to allow us to fabricate cost effective prototypes.

Instead of investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in tooling for a prototype, this laser / punch combo is a great way to punch and laser out unique shapes that would require tooling for production runs. This saves time and money during the early stages of product development.

Machine Brand and Type
Amada LCF1NT 3015 F1 NT Watt Linear Drive Laser

Quantity: 1
Number of Axes : 3
Y Axis Travel : 5’
X Axis Travel : 10’
Z Axis Travel : 4”
Watt: 4,000

Amada Apelio III 2510L Punch /  Laser Combination – Auto Index and Auto Loader

Quantity: 1
Number of Axes : 3
X Axis Travel : 8’
Y Axis Travel : 4’
Z Axis Travel : 1’
Tool Stations : 31
RPM: 35
Watt: 2,000

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