Medical Device Manufacturing – San Diego

San Diego has become the premiere location for the medical industry. From heart valves, to pharmaceuticals, to medical cabinets, San Diego has a plethora of businesses related to the medical industry. When it come to manufacturing, the medical industry demands one thing….Quality! Often times, many medical companies do not go overseas to have their products made. Instead, they look to maintain their quality and remain competitive within the close nitch industry by keeping up with the demand by manufacturing products closer to home. As a medical device manufacturer for the industry, we have seen first hand just how important quality is to the medical device industry.

With the new Health Care Act in effect, more people are getting medical attention than ever before. As a result, the medical industry within San Diego has become more solid and aggressive. Demand has ramped up, and the medical device engine of San Diego has been working strongly to maintain its reputation. One of their biggest hurdles is finding quality manufacturers who have the longevity and sustainability as they do.

Since Vista Industrial Products, Inc.‘s inception, working for the medical device industry was a match made it heaven! Vista Industrial has had the opportunity to work for some of the top medical device companies in San Diego and Orange County. Even when companies get acquired by others and merge to form bigger and better products, Vista Industrial has continued to work together with companies during all types of changes that companies go through and yet still maintain a great relationship. The biggest goal for us is to work together, make it happen, and for all to succeed!

Vista Industrial provides the medical device industry with metal expertise and quality manufacturing. Since we have been around since 1956, we have fabricated some of the most complex medical device products on the market. Whether they are tiny machined parts with tight tolerances, or huge multifunctional medical cabinets, VIP has had the experience of building a variety of high quality parts. Not only that, but VIP also provides an in-house paint shop and has created a one-stop shop for metal fabrication within the medical device industry of San Diego.

If you are within the medical device industry and you are looking for a metal fabricator who regularly works for the industry, be sure to visit our website to learn more about our capabilities. We are always looking for new companies to partner with. Be sure to contact us today!

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