Benefits of Using an ISO 9001 Manufacturer

Manufacturing is an investment for a business. Whether its manufacturing products, in-house tooling, machinery, or even software, choosing an ISO certified company ensures quality is paramount for your investment. You may be asking yourself, well just because a company has a fancy certification, how does that make my product better than going to another company who isn’t certified? Great question! Continue reading

ITAR vs. EAR Compliance

When dealing with the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of technology in the US, the subject of exporting usually always comes up. Most technology that is made in the US is considered sensitive information for a foreign nation. For this reason, two United States export laws have been created in order to protect this information to prevent disclosure to a foreign nation. One is the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the other is Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Here is the difference between the two: Continue reading

Conflict Minerals Explained

If you are in the manufacturing world, you have probably heard of the new disclosure and reporting requirements for Conflict Minerals. Although there is a lot of hype around the new topic, there still may be some confusion over what it is and why its important for international manufacturers. First off, what are “conflict minerals?” Continue reading

RoHS vs. REACH Compliance Explained

The manufacturing industry is forever changing with regulations and rules. One that we are seeing more often is RoHS and REACH Compliance. These can easily be mistaken as the same or very similar. So this post will distinguish the difference between the two.

RoHS Compliantrohs

RoHS is the acronym for Restriction oHazardous Substances and can be pronounced like “rose.”

This is a European Union directive rather than a regulation, that today is enforced by the NMO (National Measurements Office). Non-compliance can have varying The sole purpose is to address the global issue of consumer electronics waste. With the forever evolving technology world, many electronics are disposed and end up in landfills which end up causing environmental and human health hazards. This directive pertains to manufacturing of various types of electronic and electrical equipment without the use of six different hazardous materials: Continue reading

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Here at VIP we get all sorts of visitors who get tours of our shop. Throughout the tour, we constantly point out different systems we use to maintain our quality and referencing ISO. However, many companies have no idea of what ISO is and why it’s important. So this post is to discuss what ISO is and how our shop uses a quality system to maintain our quality. Continue reading