Spot Welding vs. TIG/MIG Welding

Resistance spot welding is a cost effective way to join two or more overlapping pieces of metal together. In addition, spot welding is a huge time savor compared to TIG or MIG welding. Many engineers come to VIP for advice to save time and money on sheet metal assemblies that require welding. One great method that we regularly recommend (depending on the assembly and function of the parts) spot welding as an alternative. Below shows a comparison between spot welding and welding (TIG or MIG).

Factors Resistance Spot Welding TIG / MIG Welding
Requires fixtures Yes Yes
Welding time Short Long
Requires grinding after welding No Yes
Requires skill and experience No Yes
Number of supplies needed
Minimal Several
Size of weld Small Varies
Material distortion Minimal to none Minimal to Extreme

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How To Join Metal Without Welding

In manufacturing, there are several ways to achieve a desired outcome of fabricating a part depending on the resources and material available. For today’s post, we will discuss how to join metal without welding. Welding alone is an art, especially if quality welding is needed. It takes experience and expertise to achieve a good quality weld. Not only is a skilled welder needed, but also the welding supplies. Not everyone has all these resources, so knowing how to join metal without welding can come in handy. It’s valuable to know other ways of achieving the same outcome since other ways may be less time consuming and also cost less. Continue reading

Precision Welding at Its Finest

VIP is known for their sheet metal, but over the years has grown their reputation as a precision welding farbicator in the Southern California region. All of our welders are AWS certified and are held to the highest precision standards…no trailer hitch quality here! Many companies in the Defense, Medical, High-Tech, and Commercial industries come to Vista Industrial Products to weld their complex assembly parts. We have the capabilities to MIG, TIG, spot weld, as well as robotic weld for high quantities. Whether your company requires weldments with tight tolerances, to be held under high PSI requirements, air tight, or liquid tight welds, VIP has the experienced welding technicians to meet your quality requirements. Continue reading