The Importance of Prototyping

What is a prototype? A prototype is a sample or a model of a part or assembly. Many times companies have 3D models on paper of their part or assembly, which is also a perfect world. In order to test and make sure that the part or assembly can be manufactured and the function, form, and fit of the part are followed through, a prototype is made.

Many companies will also create a prototype in order to test the product to their customers. Instead of investing time and money straight into production, and the product not being what the customer wanted, companies will create a prototype to get their opinion. This is beneficial to any company who wants to grow steady. Whereas companies who want to put the pedal to the metal, will rush right into production, but many times there are too many mistakes in a design costing them time and money. Continue reading

Prototype vs. Production vs. Mass Production

In the fabrication industry, specifically metal fabrication, parts or products are generally in one of three phases: prototype, production, and mass production. All three are treated completely different when manufacturing.  This article will go into more detail of how the three stages differ from one another. Continue reading