Configuration Management: When to Change Part Numbers and Revisions

For today’s blog post, we will be discussing the importance of when to change part numbers and revisions on manufacturing drawings. This is a major part of engineering change control and maintaining the proper documentation based on the minor and major changes made. Before we get started, it is important to mention that this blog is not meant as a “how to” of maintaining documentation and engineering change control. Many OEMs and companies maintain their document control based on their own system of rules of configuration or interchangeability (when to change part numbers, how to properly roll revisions, what letters and numbers to use, etc.). Continue reading

Fit, Form, Function Explained

Here at Vista Industrial Products, Inc. we encounter several instances where engineers run into issues engineering a part causing them to over engineer the part. One thing engineers need to remember is the fit, form, and function of the part. If it doesn’t need it for the fit, form, or function, don’t add it!

What is Fit, Form, and Function (aka F3)? Simply put, it is the identification and description of characteristics of a part, component, and/or assembly. Continue reading