Vista Industrial Products, Inc. 2012 News

Vista Industrial Products, Inc. has been in the sheet metal manufacturing industry for over 55 years! We have seen all the different manufacturing trends come and go as the economy evolves.  As most of us in the manufacturing world know, the United States manufacturing industry has reduced drastically in size due to outsourcing overseas. This has been the trend for the past decade. However, more recently, this trend is slowly diminishing. Lately, we have seen many companies contacting us for their metal manufacturing needs that used to be dedicated to the foreign outsourcing of manufacturing.

Now, many companies are beginning to realize that going overseas to save a few dollars, might not have been the right solution for their companies. Sure, when you are manufacturing products by the hundreds of thousands, there is a cost benefit due to the low labor costs of manufacturing. However, many companies were blind to see the other factors that come along with going overseas, and have now become a burden for their company’s success.  Some of these factors include: communication barrier between companies, long lead times, high shipping costs, less control, and low quality products. When companies depend on their product for their success, why settle for all these negative factors just to save a little money? Clearly from what we are seeing, the monetary benefits are not outweighing all of these negatives.

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